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New version of Data Compass UDMA (Windows) released!
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Data Compass is advanced equipment for the disk-level problems such as multiple bad sectors, damaged surfaces,
malfunc ioning head assembly, or corrupted servo info, In the meantime you can use the default software or any other defined software you have been familiar with (R-studio, Winhex, any) to perform file recovery. Through the Data Compass, problem drives will ...
Data Compass has surpassed all the traditional or any other similar DR tools aiming at both physical and logical level data recovery issues.
Retrieve data from hard drives with a wide distribution of bad sectors
Recover data from drive with unstable head
Recover drives with physical defects within the firmware Service Area.
Extract data from ¡°Clicking¡± drives
Regain the data from hard drive with physically damaged platter...
  Data Compass adopts more than ten years of all the SalvationDATA technologies as below  
  >> Analog™ Technology
>> ShadowDisk™ Technology
>> DBER Technology
  At present, Data Compass is widely used in all fields, including DR industry, IT after-sales, IT solutions industry, Enterprise, Research, Government, Military Support, Computer forensic industry, Individual and others  
The SalvationDATA 3+1 Data Recovery approach addresses hardware-level and software-level issues like microcode, hardware component, bad sector/ instable head and file system so that to make sure the maximum amount of data is retrieved. For SalvationDATA 3+1 Data Recovery flow, please click here3+1 Data Recovery Flow.
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